Cortana gives an error when I try to sign in to use Notebook (0x80190005)


I click on sign in, then select my Microsoft account and Continue:


Then it gives the error when I click on next: "Something went wrong. Please try again later. 0x80190005)

Btw I'm 15, clearly not a minor. This doesn't happen when I try to sign in using other Microsoft accounts, only with mine. Even when using the link provided in the second screenshot, I went to the site and made sure my birthdate and other info was successfully saved. Still happens.

I've tried everything from:

- simply restarting

- logging out and back in

- making a local account

- running a Clean Boot

- running an SFC Scan.

None of these fixed the issue.

Using the latest version of Windows 10 Home, and I cannot find the option to switch back to an earlier build. I really would not like to have to reinstall the OS just to fix this!!

  1. Solution


Can you please go to, click on "Your info" in the top bar, and confirm that your birthdate is set correctly?

Additionally, can you please click on the "Family" tab and verify that your name is listed as an adult?

If something is not set correctly, please visit the following link to correct your age settings:

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