MAPI 1.0 [000004c2] Error installing Outlook 2016

We understand that you are here for help related to “MAPI 1.0 [000004c2] Error installing Outlook 2016”. Please go through the below mentioned information to get better assistance.

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For tech support, make sure you have :

  1. Working Internet connection.
  2. Permission to execute remote access to resolve the problem remotely.

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Common Repair Process:

  1. Make a note of the url or write down the url of this website.
  2. Clean up clutter files in your computer.
  3. Clean up any junk system files such as %temp%,temp.
  4. Run cleanup utility.
  5. Clear junk from Windows settings.
  6. Remove any unused applications and store apps.
  7. Run SFC /scannow command in the CMD window by running command prompt as an Administrator.
  8. Check if {Internet is working fine, if the application needs connectivity.
  9. Make a note of the URL or bookmark it without any mistakes.
  10. Power OFF and then switch ON the computer and visit this bookmarked page and contact tech support.

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