Is it possible to get a secure Windows operating system?

One of the big problems facing every Windows user, is to deal with the safety of your computer. And it is that the most widespread operating system on the planet, At the same time, is the most vulnerable.

Today there are a myriad of malware, rasomware, Virus, Trojans or keyloggers, circulating on the net, with the sole intention of affecting computers with sensitive information. Much of this malware is distributed with very sophisticated techniques and automatically and massively.

Gone are the emails with suspicious files attached, resulting in more sophisticated tactics such as phishing pages with login, or emails reporting malicious authentication errors.

Any windows user who is well-known, should have an additional antivirus system to the Windows defend that is built-in by default. There are a multitude of brands of antivirus software, Avast, Panda, Mcafee, Norton... and who offer discounted price licenses.

From our Microsoft support website, we recommend Bitdefender Antivirus software, read more details about it to make the decision. This is modern and certified software, that will keep your computer away from malware and suspicious sources.

These softwares will alert us, through their active shields, when we access dubious pages or when we download a file from some unofficial source, they will even scan our email inboxes to prevent us from opening malicious emails.

  1. How to perform proper security maintenance on Windows?
  2. Practices that will increase the security of your system
    1. Extensions to browse safely
    2. A safe way to install apps and extensions

How to perform proper security maintenance on Windows?

We recommend a number of practices very to consider to ensure that your personal information is not compromised or your computer is damaged:

  • Always keep the Windows version up to date. This is vital, because Microsoft is continually pulling out security patches that fix vulnerabilities. And if you're not comfortable using Windows 10, you can always customize it so that you still have the look like your previous Windows.


  • Don't download any content from unofficial or illegal sources. Most software that comes from illegal pages is aimed solely at extracting information from potential users who download and install it. And in many cases, once executed, are hidden and functioning in the system without the user nodding.


  • Use an additional antivirus from a reputable brand. This will ensure additional security in the system, avoiding problems.


  • Perform antivirus scans of your computer on a regular basis. Most programs allow you to perform analysis on a scheduled and automatic basis.


  • Leave Windows' option enabled to defend with the security levels you consider and always starting from an average level of protection.


  • Avoid opening spam-marked emails and use authorized and official email sending services.


  • Remove unused or outdated programs. With it, you'll also help your team get the right performance, freeing up unnecessarily occupied memory and removing hidden processes in the system.


  • Create a team restore point. It's something 100% recommended and you will keep a backup of all our data in case of hacking or damage to the system. A restore point can be created from the control panel / System Properties / Protecting the system.

further, if you don't already have Windows 10, we recommend a step-by-step guide to updating windows to the latest version

Practices that will increase the security of your system

Limit the use of Cortana. The wizard that comes integrated from the version 8, by default you have access to your email account inboxes by default, and saves a whole history of search commands used. You can delete all the information that the wizard has from the settings section.

Turn off location. By default Windows monitors the location of the computer at all times, in the privacy settings section you can uncheck the option.

Turn off access to the camera. It's a very real vulnerability even if it doesn't seem like it. There is a whole range of malware willing to exploit vulnerabilities in laptop camera driver versions. You'll be able to turn off access from your device settings, although the most effective thing is to cover it with a sticker.

And the microphone? With built-in microphones something similar happens to what happens with cameras. It is best to deactivate the device and when you are going to use it turn it back on.

It is also worth noting, that many pages used flash scripts to access micro and camera devices, and they still had access to these, even after leaving the page. Luckily, Google Chrorme blocks swf or flash files for some time now.

Use a web browser updated to the latest version. Of course if there is a browser preferred by all users, this is definitely Google Chrome. It incorporates a multitude of functions designed to prevent suspicious cookies or malicious page add-ons.

Extensions to browse safely

Another aspect of computer security, lies in sailing with guarantees. From Google Chrome you'll be able to access a catalog of extensions that will in many cases increase this security. A recommended extension of the Ad Block Plus, it is an add-on that will hide advertising banners and that in many cases these are banners that lead to rare or suspicious destinations.

In the extension market you'll even find tools to block add-ons to pages that aim at cryptocurrency mining, and who use the power of visitors' computers.

A safe way to install apps and extensions

Since the Windows version 8, Microsoft made available to all its users a Marketplace of native and associated Windows apps. This application repository can be accessed from the same home bar, using the search engine.

This means will ensure that the program we are using is secure and complies with Microsoft's support.

On our website we have a wide range of Official Microsoft applications, which you can download from the source. You can see the entire catalog on the home page. We even have a section of juegos para todas las edades highly recommended to have a good time alone or as a family.

As you may have observed, there are many factors that influence the safety of the equipment, just as there are more and more ways to come to sound sensitive user information. Certainly maintaining a common sense and judgment when it comes to trusting our data on platforms or downloading apps, it's essential.

From our website to support and support Microsoft users, we recommend following all the guidelines offered in this article, and we encourage you to comment on other security measures that you consider relevant.

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