Top 6 PDF To Word Convertor

Have you tired of searching PDF to Word convertor online and download each one to try in order to find the suitable one? As we all know, popular PDF file is non-editable. However, there are urgent occasions you need to edit a PDF file like a resume or contract, or extract images or tables from PDF for reuse. For example, you may extract a wonderful image from a PDF formatted E-book for your presentation. Therefore, finding right PDF to MS Word convertor is important. The following list of top 6 PDF to Word convertors will help you. Here you can find the advantages and disadvantages of each free, online and desktop PDF to MS Word convertor.
1. Online PDF to Word convertor
Most online PDF to MS Word convertor can convert PDF to MS Word documents successfully. More important, they are totally free. Everyone likes something for free. Thus I will give your some good sites. They are similar. With the clear instructions let you follow step by step. You can just upload files, choose format you want and click convert to get PDF files in Word.
1 Zamzar
Pros: Zamzar supports batch conversion; you can upload up to 1GB files to convert. Once registered, you can manage the converted files.
Cons: Email address needed.
2 PDFonline
Pros: No need to provide email address for PDFonline. The Word document can be downloaded immediately after the conversion is done.
Cons: Images are merged to background, cannot edit them separately.
3 PDF Converter
Pros: With right PDF password, you can convert user password protected PDF files using PDF Converter. Two formats for image: jpg and png.
Cons: There is an interval of 30 minutes between each submission.
2. Desktop PDF to Word convertor
Although online PDF to MS Word convertor is easy to use, there are still some occasions we need desktop PDF converter instead. When we need to convert read-only PDF confidential files, we cannot trust online converter. Another reason is that with comparatively large files, online conversion may results failure. Therefore, some people would rather prefer installing software on their computer. Here I recommend some desktop software for you.
1 Free PDF to Word Converter
Pros: Free desktop software. Free PDF to Word Converter can extract text labels, graphics, shapes from PDF file into Word Doc file
Cons: Registration code required after a period of time. Need to answer fairly complicated math question in the website.
2 PDF to Word Convertor
Pros: The conversion quality of PDF to Word Convertor is fairly good. Support converting PDF files with restriction set by author to prevent others from copying or editing or even printing. Support batch conversion, partial conversion.
Cons: Charges $20-30.
3 NitroPDF Pro
Pros: Full featured PDF software like adobe acrobat, serves as PDF maker, editor and workflow manager. NiroPDF Pro has a Microsoft's ribbon graphical interface.
Cons: Charges $99.
Now, you may have your own choice. After consideration of price and performance, I am using PDF to Word Convertor.

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