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Xbox One games catalog

Xbox One is quite simply the best game console we’ve ever created and here are the games to prove it to you.

Digital or physical Xbox One games?

It depends on you. Purists and collectors will tell you that there is little more satisfying than having a shelf full of physical Xbox One video game covers. On the other hand, the most carefree will tell you that the digital format is much more comfortable since you will not have to be changing CDs every time you want to play a specific game.

Digital Xbox One games are installed via a download code and stored on your game console’s hard drive. Thus, to play them, you just have to boot the device and access the ‘My games and applications’ menu to run it. Undoubtedly, a much more comfortable option and, in addition, it will avoid problems related to the deterioration that time and use cause in physical formats.

Can I install the same Xbox One game on more than one console?

Yes. Xbox One video games are not associated with a specific game console, but with a user account that you must create if you do not have one previously. In this way, if for example you renew your old Xbox One for an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X, you will only have to log in and all your games will appear available to be installed and downloaded again.

What you can’t do is play the same Xbox One video game on two consoles at the same time. With one exception. This is based on using your account as the main one in a friend’s Xbox One video game console and theirs as the main one in yours. Then, just add your secondary account on your console and have him do the same on his. Automatically, his games will appear at your disposal and yours can be downloaded by him. You can play them simultaneously and even play with each other and share the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This is fully allowed by Microsoft, so you have nothing to worry about. Even on the official Xbox website you will find a tutorial on how to carry out the process. It is not like ‘hacking’ or ‘flashing’ the Xbox One, which can cause you to be ‘banned’ and make your game console totally unusable.

eye! You will not be able to enjoy the physical games of your friend or hers of yours since, to install and play them, it is necessary to have the CD, although you can lend them to them.

Is it possible to install an Xbox One game on an external hard drive?

The answer is yes. Without a doubt, this is one of the main advantages of Xbox One compared to PS4 since it does not allow this option. Thanks to it, you can save space on the internal hard drive of your game console or increase its amount of storage if you need it.

Also, the Xbox One supports all kinds of storage devices as long as they use a USB 3.0 connection. Therefore, you just have to find the best offer on external hard drives, connect the one you buy to your console and enjoy more space for games.

Where can I find cheap Xbox One games?

Currently, you have many options when it comes to finding good deals for Xbox One games:

Microsoft Store: Inside the Xbox One online store you will find a wide variety of personalized offers for you. These are made based on your tastes and preferences and the video games you usually play. For example, if you are passionate about FIFA 20, it is possible that, when FIFA 21 is going to be published, you can buy it this way with a 10% discount or more.

Instant-gaming: one of the best options for you if you are looking for Xbox One games in digital format. It has a wide catalog and a secure payment gateway. Best of all, you won’t have to wait a minute to receive the download code by email. As soon as the payment is confirmed, you can view it from your own website.

CDKeys: a good alternative to Instant-gaming. In fact, its operating system is identical and it also has a very interesting digital catalog for Xbox One. Of course, the purchase process is slightly longer since it requires more verification tests of the user’s identity, although it also allows obtaining the download code immediately.

GAME: Only physical Xbox One games are sold in their physical stores. In addition, it is possible to find second-hand titles at a very interesting price and it allows you to sell the ones you own and those you don’t play. In fact, if you have a membership card, you can also sell your console and peripherals to get significant discounts on an Xbox One S or Xbox One X. From their online store it is also possible to buy digital games.