Bridge Constructor Portal (incl. free Bridge Constructor)


Launch promotion – includes the original Bridge Constructor for free! Accede al Centro de desarrollo de Aperture Science y experimenta con Bridge Constructor Portal, el único juego capaz de combinar el clásico Portal™ con Bridge Constructor™.

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Launch promotion – includes the original Bridge Constructor for free! Access the Aperture Science Development Center and experiment with Bridge Constructor Portal, the only game capable of combining the classic Portal ™ with Bridge Constructor ™. As a new staff member of the Aperture Science testing labs, your job will be to build bridges, spoiled, slides and other constructions in 60 test chambers so that the Benders arrive safely at the finish line. Take advantage of Portal's gadgets (portales, propulsion gels, repulsion gels, faith leap boards, cubes and much more) to overcome the sentry turrets, acid ponds and laser barriers, solve tricky puzzles and beat the test chambers safe and sound. Let Ellen McLain, the original voice of GlaDOS, guide you through the tutorial and learn all the tips and tricks that every Aperture Science employee should know. The bridge is a lie! characteristics: – Live the fusion of two worlds: the first Bridge Constructor ™ with an official Portal ™ license. – Develop complex structures in Aperture Science labs. – Let GLaDOS accompany you through complicated physical adventures. – Use portals, faith leap boards, propulsion gels, repulsion gels and much more to master difficult tasks. – Avoid dangers like sentry turrets, material emancipation networks, laser and acid fields. – Help your Benders reach the finish line individually or in convoy.

Bridge Constructor Portal (incl. free Bridge Constructor)

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