finestre 10 Aggiornamento KB4078408, KB4055237, e KB4055994

So where do I begin,

So for the last few months we’ve had a lot of PCs that we’ve had to revert back to a restore point because of these updates. What’s happening is that once this updates happen we are no longer able to use our Citrix website. (https://appsto****.******.com)

At first we weren’t sure what was causing it but after a couple weeks of going back-and-forth on the phone with Microsoft and Citrix with no resolution, we decided to re-image the PC to the factory image. Once we did that the Citrix website was working fine but once the update came the website was no longer available they kept giving us error message..

Then to narrow down the problem to the specific update, we did the following:

1. We went through the settings for SSL & TLS, nothing same problem.

2. We unistalled the updates KB4055237Vand KB4055994, nothing same result

Now we are stuck because the last update KB4078408 is a permanent update, and this the update causing the problem.

I would like somebody Microsoft to help us because our organization is crippled by the effect of this by update.

Let me point out, its not the update persay, its something that either gets currupted or scripted wrong in the update.

Windows updates are an essetial part of security, and its best to keep tour PC up to date.



Have you tried add the website to compatibility mode?

Have you tried run the website in Microsoft Edge?

You may report this issue through Feedback Hub app.

If it is urgent, contact Microsoft Support in your country.

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