Plague Inc: Evolved


Plague Inc: Evolved es una mezcla única de estrategia y simulación terroríficamente realista. Tu patógeno acaba de infectar al paciente cero. Ahora tu misión es extinguir a la humanidad propagando una epidemia letal mientras saboteas los esfuerzos de la población para combatirla.

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Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique mix of terrifyingly realistic strategy and simulation. Your pathogen just infected patient zero. Now your mission is to extinguish humanity by spreading a lethal epidemic while sabotaging the efforts of the population to combat it.. Featured Features: – 9 types of diseases: controls each pathogen, bacteria, biological weapons, mental control, zombies… Kill humanity at all costs. Control each disease following very different strategies. – 20 unique settings: adapt your strategy. How will you deal with a new strain of swine flu or how could you infect the world in the Ice Age? – A hyperrealistic world: develop your strategies in a real world. Plague Inc: Evolved is a pathogen simulation game capable of taking down the world with advanced AI that contains real-world data and events. Even CDC Likes It!! – And much more: modo Speedrun, megabrutal difficulty level and genetic modifications. Plague Inc: Evolved is available in English, French, italiano, German, español, Portuguese, and russian.

Plague Inc: Evolved

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