Tres generaciones de Huéspedes han ocupado la cabaña pero, últimamente, las paredes parecen ondular, escurridizos desconocidos se mueven en la oscuridad y un rebelde gruñido se filtra desde el ático. ¿Son alucinaciones que picotean al Huésped insomne, o bien los retorcidos vestigios de un oscuro secreto?

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An awkward and overwhelming horror is creeping from PC to Xbox One!! “”It is a game about both horror and horror”” — Rock Paper Shotgun “”Knock-Knock is a splendid horror game with more style than sense”” — IGN “”One of the most fascinating and even endearing gaming experiences I've had in a long time”” — GameFront *** Three generations of Guests have occupied the cabin but, lately, the walls appear to be undulating, Elusive strangers move in the dark and a growling rebel seeps in from the attic. Are they hallucinations that peck at the insomniac Guest?, or the twisted vestiges of a dark secret? The last rays of the sunset fade away and everything scary comes out to play. Survive at night while preserving the dilapidated cabin and preventing the Guest's frayed sanity from unraveling completely.. Hide from the grotesque intruders who watch from the gloom and look for the key that will put an end to the Guest's ordeal.: – A game of survival and disturbing madness. – Hide from invading creatures.- Fix the lights and keep the cabin rooms repaired to repel evil. – Survive the night with your sanity intact. – Solve the mystery of the Guest's nightmare.


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