Euro Fishing: Urban Edition


Con Euro Fishing: Urban Edition no perderás ni un ápice de la adrenalina que sientes en la verdadera pesca deportiva. Con 6 impresionantes ubicaciones, varios modos de juego, jefes que pescar y logros que desbloquear, ¡es lo más cerca que estarás de la pesca real desde la comodidad de tu sofá!

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This Euro Fishing: Urban Edition not only includes Euro Fishing and its five impressive European fishing spots, it also has the first city Add-On: the Foundry Dock. By buying this Urban Edition you will get • 6 amazing places • More than 100 bosses for fishing • 25 exclusive achievements to unlock • 18 character customization options • More than 100 equipment parts to buy: • Including Korda equipment, Mainline and Sonik. • Single-player modes or multiplayer tournaments to compare real-time catches from friends and opponents. Whether you are a beginner or a sport fishing professional, Euro Fishing Urban Edition accurately reproduces the feeling of real fishing, through our unique reel and launch system.¡Go fishing!

Euro Fishing: Urban Edition

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