Tricky Towers


Con tu capa brillante y tus poderes impactantes, ¡construyamos algunas Tricky Towers al instante! Apila tus piezas en esta tierra admirable, ¿cuál será la torre más estable? Usa la magia para apoyar tu construcción, defiéndela de los hechizos oscuros e impide la destrucción. Enfréntate a tus amigos y alcanza la fama en este frenético panorama.

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Play with 4 friends in local multiplayer or challenge players from all over the world in an online battle. Use your skills with single player challenges and get the highest score on the leaderboards. With spells fluttering all over and pieces plummeting, Tricky Towers will make you have a good time! characteristics: • Frantic action play, physics and puzzles • Local and online multiplayer 2 a 4 players • 3 multiplayer modes: Career, survival and puzzle • Challenging single player challenges • Ranking mode; Compete for the top spots! • 17 powerful light magic spells and dark magic spells

Tricky Towers

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