The Station


The Station es un misterio de ciencia ficción contado en primera persona y ambientado en una estación espacial enviada para estudiar una civilización alienígena inteligente. Asumiendo el papel de un especialista en reconocimiento, los jugadores deben desentrañar un misterio que decidirá el destino de dos civilizaciones.

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How would you react if we discovered an intelligent alien civilization that defies everything we know about biology, chemistry, physics and religion and that answers the questions that man has asked himself throughout history? But what if that strange world were discovered in a state of civil war? Convinced that the reward outweighs the risk, An undetectable space station with a small crew of three unfolds to investigate alien culture in search of a means of achieving a peaceful relationship.. Unable to contact the crew, a recognition specialist is dispatched to find out what has happened. What Players Find Will Test Their View on Surveillance, imperialism and the moral law. Welcome aboard The Station. Features • A world of augmented reality: the future has a progressive attitude towards the way information is stored and shared. Technology has gone through a digital revolution and conversations, notes and even computers are experienced in augmented reality. From personals to professionals, these augmented reality logs will allow players to explore what's happening on board. • Intuitive problem solving: when a door doesn't open, What will you stop to find out what's behind it? Secrets aboard the station will resist discovery, and you must rely on your ability to intuitively identify and solve subtle problems: The Station es, in itself, a puzzle to be solved. • Put together the pieces of a living story: we believe the best stories are shown, are not counted. Each room and space will have a unique moment to share if you look closely enough: as the story unfolds, every detail will start to fit. For sharp eyes, a rich history awaits.

The Station

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