The Park


The Park es una experiencia de terror en primera persona centrada en la exploración y la narración que está ambientada en un parque de atracciones espeluznante que oculta un secreto oscuro y siniestro.

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The Park, set in a creepy amusement park that hides a dark and sinister secret, is a first person horror experience of 1-2 hours long focused on intensity of exploration and storytelling rather than combat and action. A day in the park… a lost teddy bear… a missing child. When the sun goes down in Atlantic Island Park, you must explore its rickety attractions in search of your son Callum. When the night falls, You will panic and paranoia thanks to a narration written by a team of award-winning screenwriters. – Explore Atlantic Island Park and ride attractions like the Ferris wheel, bumper cars and roller coaster, but be careful, some have their own life. – Call Callum and interact with the environment around you as you examine clues and hear Lorraine's own inner voice as the game progresses.

The Park

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