The Long Dark


The Long Dark ofrece una experiencia de exploración y supervivencia que desafía a los jugadores a pensar por sí mismos en territorios fríos y salvajes tras las consecuencias de un desastre geomagnético. Aquí no hay zombis, solo tú, el frío y cualquier amenaza que la madre naturaleza pueda presentarte.

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The Long Dark offers an exploration and survival experience that challenges players to think for themselves as they enter cold, wild territories. Monitor your status, find supplies that can save your life and master survival skills like lighting fires, hunt, guide you with signs and take care of your equipment. There are no zombies here, only you, the cold and any threats that mother nature may present to you. This blockbuster open-world game with early access on Steam becomes the first survival video game available on Xbox One.

The Long Dark

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