The Banner Saga


Crea tu propia aventura épica en este aclamado juego de rol táctico donde tus decisiones estratégicas afectarán directamente tu historia personal, así como el resultado de los conflictos a los que te enfrentes durante tu lucha por sobrevivir en esta fábula vikinga.

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Create your own epic adventure in this acclaimed tactical RPG where your strategic decisions will directly affect your personal story., as well as the result of the conflicts you face during your fight to survive in this Viking fable. ·A 2D fantasy kingdom inspired by Norse mythology. Dive into these fascinating combat sequences and hand-drawn animations accompanied by an evocative soundtrack created by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory. ·As a player you must make your choices, who will create your own story. Every decision you make on the trip, conversations or fighting will have an effect on the outcome of your adventure. ·Strategic combat with consequences; victory or defeat or even permanent loss of a character depends on your selection of characters in battle and the decisions you make from that point on.

The Banner Saga

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