Sleeping Dogs™ Definitive Edition


Eres Wei Shen, un policía infiltrado que tiene que acabar con las famosas tríadas desde dentro. La Definitive Edition del juego de acción que ha conseguido varios premios, rediseñado y remasterizado para Xbox One. Con todos los contenidos descargables anteriores y un montón de mejoras nuevas, Hong Kong nunca te habrá parecido tan lleno de vida.

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The Definitive Edition of the action game that has won several awards and excellent reviews, redesigned and remastered for Xbox One. They include 24 Previous downloadable content for the Xbox version 360, including the additional episode The Year of the Snake and A Nightmare at North Point, horror-themed. In addition numerous visual improvements have been added, sound and techniques. Hong Kong will never seem so full of life. Hong Kong is a vibrant neon city brimming with life. In its exotic settings and bustling streets and markets hides one of the most powerful and fearsome criminal organizations in the world: the famous triads. Controla a Wei Shen, an undercover cop who has to take down triads from within. You will have to prove your worth by fighting until you reach the top of the organization, engaging in savage criminal activities without their identity being discovered. Destroy your rivals in brutal combat using a unique martial arts system. Dominate the frenetic streets of Hong Kong in thrilling illegal car races and use explosive weapons to wreak havoc. Sleeping Dogs' Hong Kong is the perfect playground. Infiltrate, the rules change. CHARACTERISTICS: With all the previous downloadable content and lots of new improvements, Hong Kong will never seem so full of life. • A mature plot set in a sordid world in which, as an undercover cop, the danger of being discovered is always around the corner. • Explosive action fueled by a perfect combination of martial arts, intense shootings and brutal confrontations. • Great emotions at high speed: burn the asphalt or stir the waters with a wide range of exotic cars, superbikes and motorboats. • Hong Kong is your playground: participate in illegal races, bet on cockfights or relax with karaoke. There are countless ways to entertain yourself in the various neighborhoods of Hong Kong.

Sleeping Dogs™ Definitive Edition

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