Punch Club


Entrena, encuentra el amor, reparte pizzas, pega a cocodrilos, lucha contra todos tus rivales y llega a lo más alto de las ligas. Bienvenido a Punch Club, un juego de gestión ambientado en el mundo del boxeo en el que tendrás que elegir tu propio camino y encontrar al asesino de tu padre.

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Your father has been brutally murdered before your eyes. Now you will have to train thoroughly, eat chicken and smash the face of all the rivals who face you. Your goal: enter the Fist Club and find out who killed your father. Punch Club is a management game set in the world of boxing, with a story full of ramifications and possibilities. You are very clear about your goal, but to get there you will have to climb to the top of the rankings… or opt for other darker routes. You will also have to focus on polishing your talents. Will you follow the Path of the Tiger, the Path of the Turtle or the Path of the Bear? Your strength, precision and agility will depend on the path you choose. Every decision will be important, especially for your social life. You will have to make friends, love life, job, free time, relationships and possible fame with gym hours and alligator battles. It wasn't all going to be weight training, true? – Combat simulator with management and role-playing elements. – Find out who killed your father and you may also discover something about yourself. – Complete story, with multiple narrative ramifications and diverse endings to discover. – Turn as much as you want to perfect your characteristics and find your way thanks to the complete skill trees. – Stunning pixel-style graphics, with infinite references to the years 80 and 90.

Punch Club

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