Descubre qué hay más allá de la evolución. PROTOTYPE pone al jugador al mando de Alex Mercer, un cambiaformas genéticamente modificado sin recuerdo alguno de su pasado empeñado en solucionar el misterio de su existencia mientras destroza una densamente poblada ciudad de Nueva York, moviéndose con estilo y consumiendo a cualquiera que se cruce en su camino.

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Welcome to Prototype. You're Alex Mercer, an amnesiac man armed with incredible metamorphosis skills. Fight your way to the heart of the conspiracy that has created you and get revenge. Fast and deadly shape-shifting combat: alters your body to every situation. Use claws, Sword, hammer or whip, choosing the best option for every moment. Incredible movement and agility: jumps from building to building, runs through the walls, jumps on vehicles and everything that gets in your way. Parkour adapts and allows you to move freely in the open world of New York. Unique camouflage skills: consumes anyone at any time, takes his appearance and uses his memories and abilities. History of exciting conspiracy: wake up without recollection… All you know is that you have powers and something to do with an Idaho town.. Immerse yourself in the mysteries of your origin, of the nature of your power and your participation in a conspiracy of more than 40 Years.


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