Night in the Woods


NIGHT IN THE WOODS es un juego de aventuras basado en la exploración, las historias y personas, con docenas de personajes que conocer y un montón de cosas que hacer a través de un entorno frondoso y dinámico. Rompe cosas, toca el bajo, mata el tiempo, camina por los cables de la luz, salta de tejado en tejado y descubre cosas extrañas, terribles y alucinantes que jamás buscaste. Vuelve a casa y echa tu vida a perder en Possum Springs.

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After leaving the studies, Mae Borowski returns home to Possum Springs, an old mining town come to less, intending to resume his old life aimlessly and return to friends from before. But nothing is the same, his city is different and his friends have grown, they've changed. The leaves are falling and the wind is getting colder. But, As the lights fade, strange things are happening. And there is something in the forest. Join Mae as she walks through the city where she grew up and reaches the darkness beyond. NIGHT IN THE WOODS is an exploration based adventure game, the stories and people, with dozens of characters to meet and tons of things to do through a lush and dynamic environment. Break things, play the bass, kills time, walk the light wires, jump from roof to roof and discover strange things, terrible and amazing you never looked for. Come home and spoil your life in Possum Springs.

Night in the Woods

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