Mega Man™ Legacy Collection


¡Mega Man Legacy Collection celebra la historia de los 8 bits del icónico Bombardero Azul de Capcom! Seis juegos clásicos en uno, incluido un nuevo “Challenge Mode” que remezcla niveles para ofrecer una experiencia totalmente nueva. El “Museum Mode” ofrece una colección completa de la historia de Mega Man con diseños, bocetos y mucho más. ¡Y los marcadores y repeticiones en vídeo dan a los fans la oportunidad de mostrar su megatalento!

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Mega Man Legacy Collection celebrates the history of 8 bits of Capcom's iconic Blue Bomber. Featuring faithful reproductions of the series' origins with all six original Mega Man games, Legacy Collection will remember old fans and show new players why Mega Man has become such a popular and iconic character. Mega Man Legacy Collection includes all six games and much more. In addition to the six Mega Man games, Mega Man Legacy Collection presents new ways to enjoy classic games with the "Museum Mode" and the new "Challenge Mode". Challenge Mode remixes excerpts from all six games, with lots of increasingly difficult objectives for experienced players that also serve as a good starting point for new players. The Museum Mode includes an extensive collection of history, high resolution designs and original sketches, A mega-gift for fans of video game history and Mega Man. DETAILS • Six classic games in one: Play a part of video game history with the six original Mega Man games and enjoy the origins of the classic series. • Style of 8 bits con un toque HD: the games retain their retro style of 8 bits with an added HD touch, offering a classic yet modern look. • “Challenge Mode” for new and veteran players: Robust new “Challenge Mode” remixes all six games to create a new type of challenge. It offers increasing difficulty tests for experienced players and also teaches newbies to familiarize themselves with the style of the games and to deal with some of the most difficult areas.. • Museum of an era: the Museum Mode offers a large collection of the history and art of the video game era in this collection. Take a look at the history of Mega Man with lots of information, high resolution designs, sketches and much more in the Museum. • Developed with a new engine: using the newly developed Eclipse Engine, Capcom and Digital Eclipse have managed to archive these six pieces of video game history with faithful reproductions of the originals for a new generation of gamers.. • Bookmarks and video replays: fans will be able to watch video replays.

Mega Man™ Legacy Collection

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