Damn Castilla EX


Expulsa a los muertos vivientes y criaturas demoníacas que han invadido el Reino de Castilla junto a Don Ramiro, el más leal caballero del Rey, y sus compañeros. Dispondrás de multitud de armas con las que derrotar a tus enemigos a través de las condenadas tierras de Tolomera. Todo ello al más puro estilo de la acción arcade.

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The tears of a young witch have been transformed by a demon into a key that opens the doors of evil to this world. King Alfonso VI of León has summoned his most loyal knights to head to Tolomera del Rey and end the nightmare using the power of the witch's tears. Expel the undead and demonic creatures that have invaded the Kingdom of Castilla with Don Ramiro, the King's most loyal knight, and his companions. You will have a multitude of weapons with which to defeat your enemies through the condemned lands of Tolomera. All this in the purest style of arcade action. characteristics ————— This new remastering includes: – 8 phases – 19 bosses – 48+ types of enemies – 4 different endings – 15 unlockable achievements – New musical themes – Audio remixed and remastered – Illustrated Bestiary - with unlockable information about the myths behind each creature included in the game – 8 video modes – Navigation menu – Content specifically tailored for the platform enhancing the gaming experience

Damn Castilla EX

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