Leo’s Fortune


Leo’s Fortune es una aventura de plataformas en la que partirás en busca del astuto y misterioso ladrón que te ha robado tu oro. Los bellos niveles dibujados a mano hacen que la historia de Leo cobre vida en esta aventura épica.

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Leo’s Fortune is a platform adventure in which you will set off in search of the cunning and mysterious thief who has stolen your gold. Beautiful hand-drawn levels bring Leo's story to life in this epic adventure. “”Homecoming… And I find that all the gold has been stolen! For some unknown reason, the thief has left a trail of gold through the forest, as if they were breadcrumbs. Although it stinks of cheating, I have no choice but to follow that trail. I don't know what I'll meet on the way, but I must get my fortune back””. -Leopold TRAVELS through beautiful settings, from mossy forests to arid deserts, from pirate cities to snowy mountains. SURVIVE dangerous traps and solve physics-based puzzles through these 24 dangerous adventure levels. FOLLOW the golden trail and discover the truth behind the theft of Leo's fortune. Finish Leo’s Fortune to unlock Expert mode.: Try to beat the whole game without dying to unlock a very special prize! Join the Leo’s Fortune community at: http://facebook.com/LeosFortune http://twitter.com/LeosFortune http://youtube.com/LeosFortune Have questions or comments? support@leosfortune.com

Leo’s Fortune

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