Killing Floor 2


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SYNOPSIS: En KILLING FLOOR 2, players delve into continental Europe, which is riddled with horrible and deadly clones called zeds, created by scoundrels from the Horzine company. The outbreak caused by the failed Horzine experiment has spread rapidly and forcefully. Such is its magnitude that it has come to paralyze the European Union. Only a month after the outbreak that swept London in the first KILLING FLOOR, zeds are everywhere. Civilization is chaos: communications don't work, governments have collapsed and military bodies have been systematically eradicated. The lucky inhabitants of Europe who managed to hide struggle to survive. But not everyone has lost hope: a group of civilians, Soldiers and mercenaries have joined forces to fight zeds through bases across Europe. Before an outbreak, players are sent to zed infested areas, where they must appease any threat with the necessary methods. We welcome you to Killing Floor. KEY FEATURES: • Exclusive content for Xbox One: spray the zeds with liquid nitrogen and break them into a thousand pieces with the “”””Freeze Thrower”””

Killing Floor 2

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