Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition


Dirige el programa espacial de la raza alienígena Kerbal en Kerbal Space Program. Usa una gran variedad de piezas para construir naves espaciales funcionales que vuelan (o no) basándose en las leyes de la aerodinámica y la física orbital. Pon en órbita a tu tripulación Kerbal (y mantenla con vida) para explorar satélites y planetas del sistema solar Kerbol. Construye bases y estaciones espaciales para ampliar el alcance de tu expedición.

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Lead the Kerbal alien race space program at the Kerbal Space Program. Use a wide variety of pieces to build functional spaceships that fly (or not) based on the laws of aerodynamics and orbital physics. Put your Kerbal crew into orbit (and keep her alive) to explore satellites and planets of the Kerbol solar system. Build bases and space stations to expand the scope of your expedition. Kerbal Space Program includes three game modes. In Science mode, conducts space experiments to discover new technology and expand knowledge of the Kerbals. In career mode, controls all aspects of the space program, like construction, the strategy, the foundership, improvements and more. In Sandbox mode you can create any spaceship you want, with all the pieces and the game technology. Main features: • Build spaceships, rockets and vehicles using the combinations of pieces you want. Each one has its own function and will influence the behavior of your spaceship. • Control your ship's settings to execute complex flight maneuvers. • Hire your Kerbal crew, train them and send them into space to make them heroes. • Discover a new solar system with unique satellites and planet, and explore detailed terrain created on a large scale. • Send your Kerbal crew outside their ships to carry out activities “”extravehiculares””. • Dock ships to build space stations, amazing ships and land bases on new planets. • Use satellites to scan terrain and find biomes and other anomalies. • Establish communication networks for your spaceships and the Kerbal Space Center. • Research and develop new technologies to extract valuable information and resources from the entire solar system, and much more! Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is console optimized with a completely revamped user interface and new controls.

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition

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