Immortal Redneck


Immortal Redneck es un FPS ambientado en Egipto con elementos rogue-lite. La jugabilidad frenética, los controles certeros y el sentimiento arcade se darán cita con las mazmorras procedurales, un completo árbol de habilidades, muerte permanente y nueve clases diferentes.

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Immortal Redneck is an FPS set in Egypt with rogue-lite elements. Game mixes old-school first-person shooter action along with rogue-lite mechanics. The frantic gameplay, accurate controls and arcade sentiment will meet procedural dungeons, a complete skill tree, permanent death and nine different classes. STORY The game focuses on a redneck tourist who wakes up mummified in ancient Egypt after an accident. Why are you here? How did you survive the accident? And why the hell is it mummified? The answer lies within the three dangerous pyramids of Giza., protected by an army of monsters and huge bosses. Obviously, Your mission will be to enter the pyramids, kill all your enemies and find out what's going on! CHARACTERISTICS – Old School FPS: hectic gameplay, Precise controls and arcade style – RogueLite Mechanics: randomly generated dungeons, lessons, skills, permanent death but with progression. – Nine playable classes: all with a unique set of skills. The player will be able to change between classes to each game, choosing the most suitable for your style. – Complete skill tree: evolve your character, unlock new classes, improve and acquire skills. – More of 50 weapons: traditional firearms, magic, mythological, futuristic or just weird weapons like a potato launcher. – More of 100 scrolls: each scroll collected in the game will modify your game in some way, for good (you will turn your enemies into chickens) the for bad (reduce your movement speed). – More of 35 enemies: mummies, sarcophagi, flying skulls, humanoid snakes, huge warriors ... all ready to finish you off! – Huge final bosses: two in each pyramid with unique mechanics. – Merchant: purchase equipment and supplies that will remain between the different games, even when you die. – Skill rooms: hone your qualities in these rooms focused on platforming and dodging an innumerable cast of traps.

Immortal Redneck

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