Construido con la colaboración de miles de jugones de internet, #IDARB es un caótico juego deportivo de saltos en una arena futurista para 8 participantes con competiciones salvajes, recetas desbloqueables y perturbadoras «bombas hash», ¡que modifican el juego dinámicamente a través de Twitch y Twitter! ¡Prepárate para combatir contra todo, desde policías con bigote hasta el desayuno en este rápido juego de acción altamente personalizable inspirado por los clásicos arcade y deportivos

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Get ready to fight against everything, from cops with a moustache to breakfast products, in this fast-running action game inspired by the arcade and sports classics of 8 Bit! Built with the collaboration of thousands of delusional internet juicers, #IDARB is a chaotic sports jumping game in a futuristic arena for 8 Participants. Create characters, teams, team logos, tournaments and even your themed music in this highly customizable experience with disturbing "hash bombs", dynamically modifying the game via Twitch and Twitter! IDARB supports a maximum of 8 simultaneous local players and online head-to-head combat, 4 Against 4. Additional features include an impressive story mode for 1 single player, wild part-time competitions and unlockable recipes. The title of this game started as a collective participation project (IDARB) is the acronym for "It Draws a Red Box" ("draw a red box" in English). Thanks to the large number of suggestions received through social media, the game has evolved from a red box to the absurd amalgam that is to this day, With hundreds of strange "hash bombs", secret commands that, when sent to the game via Twitch or Twitter, disrupt and dynamically modify it in real time! If you want something not found in #IDARB, surely it's because you haven't suggested it, but with so many customization options, You can probably do it yourself.!


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