Adventure Time: Finn and Jake, Researchers


¿Qué hora es? ¡Hora de resolver un caso! Hora de aventuras: Investigaciones Finn y Jake es una nueva aventura gráfica con una historia que te cautivará. Esta misteriosa aventura pondrá a prueba las dotes de sabueso de Finn y Jake mientras buscan pistas, interrogan sospechosos y hacen encajar las piezas para salir airosos de esta.

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What time is it? Time to solve a case! Adventure time: Investigations Finn and Jake is a new graphic adventure with a story that will captivate you. Strange things are happening in the Land of Ooo (more than usual). Luckily, Finn and Jake have accepted the case. This mysterious adventure will test your hound skills as they search for clues, interrogate suspects and make the pieces fit together to succeed in this. Game features: • Break through investigating through five cases set in the Land of Ooo that are independent chapters, as if it were an episode of the series. • For the first time you will see the familiar characters and scenarios of Adventure Time in 3D. • Solve puzzles by making creative use of items from Jake's inventory and shape-shifting skills. • Fight evildoers like Finn using a variety of unique swords and with Jake's impressive attack forms.

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake, Researchers

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