Don Bradman Cricket 17


Don Bradman Cricket 17 trae un nuevo y revolucionario sistema de control para ofrecerte la mejor experiencia bateando, lanzando la bola y en el campo, ya que te da una mayor variedad de precisión en el juego. Con jugadoras de críquet por primera vez en todos los modos de juego.

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Don Bradman Cricket 17 brings a new and revolutionary control system to offer you the best batting experience, throw the ball and on the field, since it gives you more variety and precision in the game. Hit like a pro with new Helicopter punches, Reverse Sweep and Scoop. Mute your opponent by combining the fastest throws with Leg-cutters, Off-cutters, Cross-seam or do a spinning throw like the Doosra or Flipper. With an improved field, now includes sliding and tapping from behind, within limits, in addition to Relay Throws. In-depth career mode gives you the option to choose between a very experienced professional or a novice who has just started in cricket, Captain your international team to the top of the world ranking. Top-notch cricket players caught on the move, included, for the first time, cricket players in all game modes. A top-notch stadium and logo maker that lets you customize and share your enjoyment of the game. Download it and play with thousands of players, teams, stadiums and logos created in the community.

Don Bradman Cricket 17

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