Cel Damage HD


¡Maneja los conductores de dibujos más chiflados y destruye al contrario con alocadas armas y peligrosos escenarios! Cel Damage HD, el juego multijugador local definitivo, solo tendrás que añadir un sofá y pasártelo en grande con tus amigos y familiares. ¡Domina el modo de un jugador para destacar entre los demás! ¡Con más de 30 armas, 10 personajes, 13 escenarios y 3 modos de juego!

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Manage the wackiest cartoon drivers and destroy the opponent with crazy weapons and dangerous scenarios! Cel Damage HD, the ultimate local multiplayer game, you just have to add a sofa and have a great time with your friends and family. Master single player mode to stand out from others! * 1 player / 2-4 players, split screen for multiplayer * 30+ cartoon weapons: Giant Hammer, TNT sheep, Shrinking ray… * 10 unique characters and cars with their different ways of driving * 13 scenarios, from the ghost town of the wild west to the interior of a crater * 3 game modes: careers, combat and capture the flag * Crazy fun! Cel Damage HD is a reissue of the classic car game Cel Damage: Overdrive, all improved and in HD.

Cel Damage HD

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