Bulb Boy


Una noche oscura, Bulb Boy despierta de una aterradora pesadilla para luego descubrir que una terrible maldad a entrado a la Mansion-Bombilla. Su familia a desaparecido y hay horribles monstruos merodeando en las sombras. Teniendo el valor necesario y usando la brillante cabeza de Bulb Boy encontraras luz en ti mismo!

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A dark night, Bulb Boy wakes up from a terrifying nightmare and then discovers that a terrible evil has entered the Mansion-Bombilla. His family has disappeared and there are horrible monsters hanging around in the shadows. Having the necessary courage and using the bright head of the Bulb Boy you will find light in yourself! Gameplay Bulb Boy is an award-winning 2D horror adventure, with point and click gameplay about a guy with a shiny head! (it's okay, it's actually a light bulb) inspired by games like Machinarium and Gobliiins. Resoviendo puzzles, defeating gruesome monsters using your brilliant skills with your light bulb to tell this macabre story. Ohhh… And don't forget to save Grandpa-in-Oil and the Dogbear from the terrible darkness!

Bulb Boy

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