Beach Buggy Racing


Conduce en carreras de auténtica locura en medio de un caos lleno de acción y sorpresas. Tienes un sinfín de increíbles powerups, potentes coches y pilotos de personalidades y habilidades diferentes. ¡Ponte a prueba en 6 modos de juego distintos y 15 imaginativas pistas, y compite con tus amigos en fantásticas pantallas multijugador!

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Beach Buggy is back with an explosive new version! Drive in races of real madness in the midst of an action-packed chaos and surprises. Compete against a lot of rivals, each with different personalities and abilities. Get a whole collection of amazing powerups, like the Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball or Oil Slick. Unlock and upgrade a wide variety of cars, from dune buggies to huge monster trucks. Test your skills in 6 different game modes and in 15 imaginative 3D tracks, against a pack of rabid rivals who can't contain their aggression behind the wheel! • • GAME FEATURES • • EXCITING COMPETITION Take full hands with all your pilot skills and the various powerups to fight for the top of the podium. It's more than a 3D racing game, It's quite a battle with most realistic effects! MAGNIFICENT CUSTOMIZABLE CARS Use your victories to get and upgrade a huge range of cars, from monster trucks to sports cars, including lunar vehicles! POWERUPS Beach Buggy Racing ALUCINANT TONS offers you more than 25 amazing Powerups to crush your rivals... and there's more on the way! 15 SPECTACULAR PISTAS Explore dinosaur-filled jungles, volcanoes erupting, beautiful beaches and mysterious marshes. Each track has its own surprises and hidden shortcuts. GET A TEAM OF COMPETITORS Form a team of drivers to play with, each of them with their own powers: Teleport, trail of flames and distracting spells. MULTIPLAYER SCREEN Compete side by side with up to 6 friends on a screen! (requires extra game controllers). PLAY YOUR WAY You can choose from multiple control options, and customize the settings of 3D graphics to enjoy the game to the fullest. 60FPS at 1080p Nothing more and no less than 60fps in 1080p... super smooth performance even on the multi-screen!

Beach Buggy Racing

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