Baja: Edge of Control HD


Baja: Edge of Control HD es la versión remasterizada del juego de carreras original de 2008. Contiene más de 1600 kilómetros de los trazados más duros de la naturaleza, incluidas abruptas montañas, densas ciénagas y cañones de vértigo. La versión HD presenta imágenes más nítidas y definidas a una gran velocidad de fotogramas con resolución de pantalla de hasta 4K.

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Baja: Edge of Control HD is the remastered version of the original racing game 2008 and contains more than 1600 kilometers on the hardest routes, including rugged mountains, dense swamps and vertigo canyons. HD version features sharper, sharper images at a high frame rate with screen resolution up to 4K, along with improved controls and interface, and a simple start to the race. characteristics: Split screen for 4 players and online multiplayer. More of 160 vehicles to choose from. Repair breakdowns with truck or helicopter equipment. The vehicle's innovative physics reacts to every bump and obstacle you step on. 200 authentic parts for perfect off-piste performance. More of 100 Paths, 9 open worlds and 1600 km of infinite landscapes. Many different events, including mountain challenges, the Baja resistance rally, circuits and much more.

Baja: Edge of Control HD

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