911 Operator


En 911 OPERATOR ocuparás el papel de un operador de emergencias que tendrá que reaccionar de forma inmediata a los avisos que van apareciendo. Tu tarea no sólo consistirá en contestar al teléfono, sino que también tendrás que reaccionar de forma adecuada a cada situación – unas veces bastará con proporcionar instrucciones de primeros auxilios, otras veces será necesaria la intervención de la policía, los bomberos o de los servicios médicos.

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In 911 OPERATOR you will occupy the role of an emergency operator who will have to react immediately to the warnings that appear. Your task will not only be to answer the phone, but you'll also have to react appropriately to each situation – sometimes it's enough to provide first aid instructions, other times police intervention will be necessary, firefighters or medical services. Remember that anyone can be on the other side of the phone: a father with his dying daughter, an unpredictable terrorist or a simple prankster. Will you be able to control any situation? PLAY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD* You can choose from tens of thousands of cities around the world. In free game mode you can choose any city and the game will download its map with the actual distribution of its streets, emergency services addresses and infrastructures. Try your worth in career mode, too., where they're waiting for you 6 cities with unique incidents - an earthquake in San Francisco or protectIng Washington from a terrorist attack. MANAGE YOUR TEQUIPOS You will have at your disposal a large number of police units, firefighters and medical services, who use different types of vehicles (from simple ambulances to helicopters), specialized team (bulletproof vests, kits or technical tools, among others) and professional team members with different special skills. PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE IN YOUR HANDS! Key features of the game: * More of 50 voice dialogues inspired by real phone calls: sometimes serious and dramatic, other times funny or irritating. * Actual first aid instructions- * Lets you play anywhere in the world! * 6 specially prepared cities in campaign mode with unique calls and events. * More of 140 types of incidents generated. * 12 types of emergency vehicles (including helicopters, police vans or motorcycles). *** The game requires an internet connection to be able to download the free maps. All map data is © openStreetMap (*) The term city shall be understood as specified in the OpenStreetMap service and refers to cities described in that service as city or town. *** The product is available at: English, French, español, German, Russian, Polish and Chinese.

911 Operator

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