La sessione di autenticazione è scaduta. Accedi di nuovo

I’m stuck in a loop while trying to connect to OneNote Mac (versione 15.20). The app tells me that I need to login in order to sync my notes, but as soon as I do, I get the error message “La sessione di autenticazione è scaduta. Accedi di nuovo”.

I’ve deleted the app from my computer and reinstalled it from the App Store. I’ve closed all of the notebooks in the app and then tried signing in again, but with the same results.

I can log in to OneNote Online, so I know my email address and password are correct.

I’ve seen this question posted in other online forums, but there never seems to be an answer. Could someone point me towards a solution? [And I’ve tried everything in this support article with no luck.]

Thanks for your help.


Cause : the user profile could be corrupted Microsoft cannot access the key chain

Soluzione : create a new Profile or Admin User and activate the office

>restart the computer and try launching office application again

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